Antistatic Agent for Plastics

LIMAX CHEMICAL, based in Singapore, engages in providing cost efficient antistatic agents for use in various plastics including PE, PVC, PP, PS, ABS and so on. PAN-3060 is one of the antistatic agent products offered by LIMAX.

What advantages does PAN-3060 have over its competitor products?

PAN-3060 contains a novel type of hydrophilic group which exhibits superior antistatic intensity as compared with normal types of hydrophilic groups like ethoxyamine and sulfonate. Here are shown the major characteristics of PAN-3060.

  1. Thanks to its high efficiency, PAN-3060 can be used in a smaller amount in plastics than other antistatic agents;
  2. PAN-3060 is non-toxic and environmentally-friendly, not containing ethoxyamine, sulfonate and so on;
  3. PAN-3060 can be used for transparent applications without causing any fogging problem;
  4. PAN-3060 dose not lead to any wall-sticking during plastic processing because of its relatively high melting point;
  5. E. PAN-3060 is a highly cost-efficient antistatic agent for plastics.