Demulsifier for Oily Waste Water Treatment

LIMAX Chemical Pte Ltd specializes in providing high-efficiency demulsifiers for use in oily waste water treatment.

What is a demulsifier?

A demulsifier, namely emulsion breaker, is used to break the unwanted emulsions formed between water and oil. There are two classes of emulsions ─ namely, water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions, which demand totally different kinds of demulsifiers.

How is a demulsifier related to treatment of oily waste water?

As You know, in the case of oily waste water created in industrial processes and daily life, an oil-in-water emulsion is formed, making water treatment very difficult. To our expertise, a combination of different mechanisms cause the formation of emulsion in waste water, demanding an efficient oil-water demulsifier to separate oil from water by emulsion-breaking. Thus, we offer our product, EM-16T, for treatment of oily waste water.

Why is EMB-16T to be used?

EMB-16T, has been developed specially for use in oily waste water treatment. It is targeted at breaking oil-in-water emulsions, especially those extremely stable ones formed through combined mechanisms. It is a compound demulsifier comprising a group of environmentally-friendly ingredients, which form strong synergistic effects among them, other than those commonly used single-ingredient demulsifiers or simple-blend demulsifiers. EMB-16T is also water-based. By use of EMB-16T, BOD or COD level of treated oily waste water is significantly reduced so as to satisfy governmental requirement before discharge. Emulsion-breaking by EMB-16T can also serve as a preliminary step for membrane treatment of waste water in order to avoid membrane foul by oil and enhance membrane efficiency.