Flame Retardant for Polycarbonate

LIMAX CHEMICAL specializes in providing cost-efficient flame retardants for use in polycarbonate.

As YOU know, Polycarbonate (PC) is a versatile engineering plastic material. Normally, in order to achieve UL94 V-0, a flame retardant needs to be added individually or in a master-batch into the resin before processing into a final product.

As a player in PC processing or compounding, are YOU currently facing any problem when using flame retardants for PC? We, LIMAX CHEMICAL, have developed a new type of PC flame retardant, PCF-2150, in a powder form. Below are its major characteristics YOU may be seeking.

  1. PCF-2150 is free of any halogenated organic compounds.
  2. PCF-2150 is so far the most cost-efficient flame retardant for PC. It matches the flame-retarding efficiency of potassium diphenylsulfone sulfonate (KSS) at the same dosage, but with less than half the cost.
  3. PCF-2150 displays excellent dispersion in PC melt during processing because its melting point is much lower than PC process temperature and it also has a novel structure in which the flame-retarding substance is loaded on a dispersion-facilitating carrier.
  4. PCF-2150 is capable of being used for either transparent, or translucent, or opaque PC.
  5. PCF2150 is able to further improve internal lubrication of PC during processing.