Radiation Stabilizer for Medical Plastics

Sterilization by irradiation, especially gamma radiation, has been increasingly used for medical plastics. However, there are still challenges for retention of color, mechanic properties, and hygiene & safety after radiation treatment, all pointing to the importance of stabilization against radiation. Limax Chemical is pleased to supply our RS-06 to meet the market demand for a high-quality radiation stabilizer for medical plastics.

What Merits Does RS-06 Have? Why Is It to Be Used?

I. RS-06 shows excellent gamma-ray resistance when added to medical plastics. Thus it is widely used for medical appliances that are subjected to gamma-radiation sterilization.

II. RS-06 can also be used for stabilization against electron beam and beta-radiation.

III. RS-06 is free of any phenols including nonylphenol and BPA, and does not contain any epoxides including ESBO; it complies with RoHS and REACH.

IV. As a radiation stabilizer, RS-06 is highly efficient in a variety of plastic materials which include PVC, PP, PE, PS, PA, ABS, PC and PU.