Radiation cum Sterilization Stabilizer for Medical Plastics

Limax Chemical specializes in developing high-quality radiation & sterilization stabilizers for medical grade plastics.

Sterilization by irradiation, especially Gamma radiation, has been increasingly applied for medical plastics. However, there are still challenges to be faced in retention of color, mechanic properties, and hygiene & safety after radiation treatment, all pointing to the importance of proper stabilization against irradiation. Limax Chemical is pleased to supply our RS-01 to meet the market’s demand for a high-quality radiation & sterilization stabilizer for medical plastics.

What Merits Does RS-01 Have? Why Is It to Be Used?

  1. RS-01 is either mixed with medical plastics resin and other additives to produce medical grade compound pellets, or directly added into the medical grade compound pellets from a commercial supplier to make medical materials such as film, tubing, packaging and device component by extrusion, injection molding, compression and so on.
  2. RS-01 is used for stabilization of medical plastics for radiation sterilizations by Gamma ray or electron beam.
  3. RS-01 is neither a phenolic anti-oxidant nor a hindered amine, but can be used in combination with a phenolic and/or a hindered amine, showing strong synergy in resistance against radiation.
  4. RS-01 also contributes to material stabilization for steam sterilization or dry heat sterilization.
  5. RS-01 is highly efficient in a variety of medical plastics which include PP, TPE, PE, PS, PA, ABS, PETG, PC, TPU, FEP, POM and PVC.

In addition to RS-01 , Limax also offers RS-06 and RS-08, both radiation cum sterilization stabilizers specially designed for medical grade PVC. RS-06, fine white powder, is highly efficient in rigid PVC as well as in semi-rigid and flexible PVC while RS-08, a transparent light brown liquid, is normally used in flexible PVC. A combination of RS-06 and RS-08 can be used in flexible PVC.