Smoke Suppressant for Plastics

LIMAX CHEMICAL specializes in developing and producing smoke suppressants for use in plastics including PVC, PS, ABS, and polyester.

Why shall we use smoke suppressants for plastics?

Although smoke suppressants for plastics are not as well-known as flame retardants, they are becoming increasingly important in developing plastic materials with high standards of fire safety. This is because commercial flame retardants alone are found in many situations unable to reduce smoke release from plastics, especially for PVC, ABS and PS, and thus special smoke suppressants are called in for the concerned plastic products to meet requirement of the industrial standards in this respect. The NBS method based on ASTM E662 is widely applied to assess the efficiency of smoke suppression by measuring the maximum specific optical density of the smoke generated.

Where shall we use PSS-1050, a Limax product?

PSS-1050, a smoke suppressant product developed by Limax, is efficiently used in the following areas.

  1. Rigid and flexible PVC materials, like profiles, doors, cable sheathing and so on;
  2. Combined use with bromine/chlorine-containing flame retardants in various types of plastics to further suppress smoke;
  3. Aromatic plastics such as ABS, PS and polyesters, even in presence of non-halogenated flame retardants.